What type of transport ticket do you need for travelling to a particular location?

This information is available at every ticket desk in your area or at the Regional Transport Consortium at the following telephone number: 012.

Are there any discounts for large families?

Yes. You must contact the customer service department of the Regional Transport Consortium and apply for a large-family discount voucher.

Can drivers provide information?

The driver is obliged to provide information requested by the user if he or she knows it.

Who is in charge of the maintenance of bus shelters and bus posts?

The maintenance, cleaning and display of timetables on bus shelters and bus posts is the competence of the Regional Transport Consortium.

How do people with reduced mobility get off the bus?

People with reduced mobility may get off the vehicle through the door designated for passenger access.

Air conditioning and heating on the bus

According to the Passenger Regulations: In case of discrepancies among the passengers regarding the service (opening or closing windows, turning the air conditioning devices on or off, etc.), the majority decision of the passengers will prevail or otherwise the decision of the driver.

Advice on stops

Requesting a stop, both from the bus and from the street, must be done with time in advance to give the driver enough reaction time to stop the vehicle without causing trouble.

Making stops outside the designated bus stop areas is not allowed under any circumstances.

Can we bring domestic pets on the bus?

DECREE 54/2017, of 9th May, issue by the Government Assembly to amend the Passenger Regulations approved by Decree 79/1997 of 3rd July, states the following regarding the obligations of the passengers: Do not bring animals onto the bus except for guide dogs accompanied by their user or trainer; small house pets are allowed provided they are transported by their owners in adequate containers and do not produce bad smells, noises or general discomfort to other passengers.

Delay notes

Delay notes may only be issued from our offices as it is necessary to carry out certain verifications.

Applications may be made by phone (phone number 91-226 04 18) or by e-mail (cliente@arriva.es).

Paying with a bank note of over 5€

The Article on Ticket Acquisition of the Passenger Regulations states the following: when purchasing a bus ticket, the passenger must pay the exact amount of the current fee in notes and coins. However, the company shall take the necessary measures to allow its personnel to return change, in so far as the amount given in payment by the user does not exceed the value of the first note.


The "Passengers' rights" Section of the Regulations concerning passengers in the Community of Madrid dated 21st of July 1997 states the following:

In particular, passengers have the following rights: Carrying hand-held objects or luggage as long as it does not entail any inconvenience or hazard to other passengers; carrying luggage with a maximum weight of 30 kg on lines using vehicles equipped with luggage compartments.


In the general process of updating the Regulations on Public Passenger Transport, on 7th July 2017, the Regional Transport Consortium (CRTM) has updated and published on its website certain provisions related to behaviours typified as possible infractions as well as their corresponding penalties.

We consider such initiative to be necessary and relevant and it is our belief that the company is obliged to publish its regulations for the sake of public awareness.

All information is available at www.crtm.es/sanciones, This link will allow passengers to have access to such information, for their own benefit as well as for the benefit of the company personnel.


Bicycles are allowed on regular passenger buses for general inner-city and inter-city services between municipalities other than Madrid under the following conditions:

1ª) Both folded and unfolded bicycles are allowed on buses.

2ª) Permission to get your bicycle on our buses will depend on the level of occupation of each bus.

3ª) Passengers accessing the bus with a folding bicycle must fold their bicycle before getting on the bus and keep it folded until they get off the vehicle.

Bicycles must preferably be stored in spaces specifically designed and designated for their adequate transportation, if available on the bus. If no storage space is available, bicycles will be placed in the area reserved for people with reduced mobility if it is unoccupied. If not, or if passengers with reduced mobility were to board the bus, the bicycle owner must move to another space that is adequate for such purpose. The bicycle owner must hold it adequately to avoid any hazards arising from its transportation.


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